We are a full service tobacconist retailing premium cigars, fine tobacco and all the necessary accessories required to make your smoking experience be the best that it can be. We proudly display premium cigars from countries such as Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic in our custom built, climate controlled walk-in humidor. ​


CAO (MX2 Robusto, Moontrance Petit Corona, La Traviata Divinoand Flathead Piston), Colts(Blackand White), Don Thomas(Classico and Classico Muduro) And Old Port.

House of Harvath

Princples (Red, Brown, Caribbean and Blonde), Toscano Classico, Casa Maga (Robusto, Etrodinar, 263(Cadetes, Supper Corona and Sweets), Agio, Tabacalere(Panetelas and Isabella), Panter (Noir, Small, Blue and Blanc), HOH(, My Fathers (Robusto, Toro and, POM POM, Meharis, Imperials (Classico, Muduro, Churchill.), Punch(London Club, London Muduro, It’s a Boy/Girl, HOH (Dominican, Honduran and Nic), Gold Band Cubana, Bances, Blackstone.

Havana House: Cubans

Partagas(Series D No.4, Mille Fleurs HF and Series Club) Romeo Y Julieta(Mille Fleurs, No.2 and Puritos.) Montecristo(No.4, Petit No.2, Puritos.) Guantanmera, H.Upmann(Majestic and Puritos.) and Jose L Piedta.


Villager, Te-Amo (Nicaraguan, Dominican, Mexican, Honduran and Cuba.), Backwoods, Rillos, Phillies, Neya, Mr.Bs, Mezcla, Casa De Garcia, Junction, Guaranteed Jamaican and Azan.