VERRY BERRI: Concentrated berry flavours extracted from succulent raspberries and blueberries that formulate a wild concoction.

TOBACCO MINT: A hybrid of rich tobacco infused with a fresh hint of mint guaranteed to satisfy with its unprecedented flavour.

MUCHO MANG-O: An explosion of juicy, sweet mangos cultivated fresh from the tropics that will leave your senses tantalized with its exotic aroma.

SMOOVIE: The serendipitous blend of sweet yet tart kiwi's along with the commonly known banana take smoothies to a whole other level.

FRESH BURST: A pure blend of various mint leaves followed by an exhilarating sensation that tastes fresh and cool as ice!

EL BACCO: A premium robust flavour perfectly blended for those who enjoy smooth and full bodied tobacco that's closest to the real thing.

BLITZ: A burst of mouthwatering, sweet and refreshing watermelon that will raid your taste buds - in a good way!

HAKA PUNCH: Pineapple, Guava and Tropical Fruits.

ISLAND TINGS: Blueberry and Lime.

MELOHA: Strawberry, Melon and Banana.