BLUEBERRY KIWI: Freshly picked wild blueberries with a zesty kiwi exhale

GRAPEFRUIT WATERMELON: zesty grapefruit and thirst quenching, fresh watermelon. WITH A HINT OF MINT.

MANGO LYCHEE:  new exotic blend of luscious ripe mangoes and sweet lychee. 

PASSIONFRUIT ALOE :A unique mix of tarty and fresh passion fruit with a mild sweet, fresh taste of aloe vera, and a hint of mint 

PEACH APRICOT:This flavor is perfect for that beachy-vacation vibe. Escape with a single taste of this delicious soothing flavor to cure any sadness!

POMEGRANATE ORANGE: Delectable Blood Orange meets sweet pomegranate juice.

RASPBERRY JACKFRUIT:a sour blend of tart red raspberries and tropical sweet jackfruit.

RASPBERRY SOUR APPLE: Sweet and smooth raspberry taste blended together with a sharp tangy apple finish.

STRAWBERRY GUAVA: a sensational balance of fresh strawberries and zesty pink guava all blended on ice for the perfect summer beach vibe.