Pipe tobacco

The distinct aroma of sweet black cherry tobacco wafting on a light summer breeze invokes memories of days gone by sitting with a favourite uncle or grandfather while watching him smoke his favourite pipe. Now you can make your own memories and discover the joys of smoking your own pipe. Our Brigham pipe tobacco is exclusively blended to provide a smooth yet robust flavor. We sell the tobacco in bulk form by the gram or in 50 gram pouches. Many people take advantage of the option to mix and match the different flavors of tobacco to create a customized personal blend.

List of pipe tobacco we have in stock

Brigham’s Own

​A blend of world famous Green River Black Cavendish which is expertly blended with burley and Virginia tobaccos.

Island Paradise

Our highest quality premium grades of Black Cavendish and rich Dark burley are triple blended and triple flavoured with a Cocoa and Vanilla essence. This process produces the smoothest, mildest and tastiest smoke.

Mark Twain

​This blend has been developed from selected choice tobaccos with an even cut. The different flavours give the blend a striking rich aroma. A perfect blend, with super taste and no bite, for the appreciative pipe smoker.

Canadian Winter

Beautiful Bright Virginia grades are blended with our Natural Cavendish and Dark Sun Cured tobaccos from Brazil. The mildly sweet Vanilla Maple aroma in combination with top grades, gives you an outstanding tobacco blend.

Georgia Sunshine​

Golden Cavendish is the base for this blend. Double blended with flavoured fire-cured for a pleasant taste and aroma.

Sweet Almond

A blend of bulk cured Black Cavendish and a slight touch of Sweet Golden Virginia grades. The Almond flavour in combination with these premium tobaccos provides an irresistible pleasure and aroma. A pleasurable change for both old and new smokers.


A delectable mixture of cognac and whiskey applied to flue-cured leaf.


Barbados Rum, Chocolate and Raisin applied to Flavored Black Cavendish, Burley and Virginia.

Cambridge Blend

A very sophisticated blend of African, Turkish, Virginia and Latakia tobaccos. These are blended so that the Latakia does not overwhelm the blend resulting in a very smooth English blend.


For the richest smoke across the land, a blend of choice Green River and Black Cavendish tobaccos. This blend has a mild vanilla aroma that is pleasing to a wide range of pipe smokers.

Wild Anatolia

​This toasted Black Cavendish is blended with Cavendish and Virginia tobaccos and finished with a subtle Black Cherry flavour for sweetness.

Ancient Secrets

Fire-cured Black Cavendish and rich dark grades of burley flavoured with a unique robust chocolate. This is the finest Chocolate blend a pipe smoker can experience.

Morning Pleasure

Kentucky grown burley is considered to be some of the finest in the world. This is the main element in this blend. We added only 15% of our Black Cavendish to create a medium to slow burning tobacco, with a mildness & sweet aroma pleasing to all.

Afternoon Delight

Principally, a blend of aged Burley and Virginia tobaccos with a hint of Oriental, mildly cased & sweetened with carefully selected flavours for a mild, smooth, flavourful, aromatic smoke. Sit back, light up your pipe & enjoy the end of another day.

Royal Viking

A great Danish formula made from Green River Black Cavendish & Virginia tobaccos - stored & fermented individually before hand layering of 6 different cuts. The teasing aroma of mild Hickory Nuts adds character bringing you a harmony of perfection.


A super-mild & aromatic Black Cavendish. Selected Virginia & Burley grades heat-treated & bulk cured a full week to create an unusually mild, low nicotine smoke. Deliciously flavoured with sweet vanilla, this blend is as smooth as the name implies.


An all- time favourite. #1 Grade American AAA Burley, Golden Cavendish, and Virginia tobaccos flavored with an exclusive Vanilla extract

Sweet Pleasure​

The natural Cherry Flavour enhances this mild Cavendish blend offering an unique smoking experience, which the Danish smoking tobaccos are so famous for. Mild, mellow and aromatic, this tobacco is a favourite of old and new smokers alike.

Pot of Gold

A master blend of Bright Virginia and Burley tobaccos imported and domestic. Enhanced with a most unusual flavour of imported Irish Cream and a complex vanilla casing. Delightfully aromatic. The Cream of the Crop.

Black Cavendish

Brigham Black Cavendish tobacco strikes the perfect balance between traditional richness and a low-bite taste. Burning with the unmistakably delicious aroma of Black Cavendish, this is a true pleasure for fans of black cavendish tobacco blends.

Borkum Riff

Cherry Caventish


Bourbon Whiskey

Sai Original Dutch Cavendish




Mixture- Fruity blend of virginia, Burley, and black cavendish tobaccos.

Old Port

Mild Pipe Tobacco